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Caring for a loved one Living with an illness Total Solution

Patients who chose hospice care lived 29 days longer than similar patients who did not choose hospice care according to the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. Click here for more information.
You have options. But the hospice you choose can really make a difference. Click here for more information.
Grief is not a process of forgetting the past, but rather a process of being able to accept the loss with less pain as time goes by. Click here for more information.

Total Home Care Solution

Home Health Care Offers Options
Home health care can offer a lot of options to individuals who are experiencing an illness or are physically challenged. LIFESPAN is the only provider in the southwest Michigan area that provides a complete range of home care and home health services. A call to LIFESPAN will put you in touch with someone who can help you understand what services make the most sense for you or your loved one. All from just one company...that's what we call the "Total Home Care Solution"

Real People, just a phone call away!

A Phone Call Away Toll Free (800) 254.5939 | (269) 660.3600
At LIFESPAN we believe in the personal touch. That is why you will always have a "live person" available on the phone to respond to your questions or concerns- 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. We also have our billing department on site staffed by people who are always happy to assist you with your questions.

Joint Commission Accredited

Gold Seal of ApprovalGold Seal of Approval
The Gold Seal that LIFESPAN has earned as a Joint Commission approved organization means that you can feel confident that the services you receive from LIFESPAN reflect the highest standards of quality care. The Joint Commission is a nationally recognized organization that helps organize and strengthen patient safety and quality of care efforts.

Eden at Home

Ten Principles to Improving Quality
Eden at Home is a philosophy of home care delivery that applies the power of the Eden Alternative's Ten Principles to improving quality of life for Elders living at home as well as their care partners. Eden at Home promotes a culture of meaningful care for LIFESPAN clients that does not see the needs of caregivers as separate from the needs of care receivers, but rather advocates for the well being of the whole care partnership. Working together, these empowered care partner teams help to ensure the independence, dignity, and continued growth and development of their Elder care partners and each other.


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FAQLIFESPAN is a multi-disciplinary, integrated team of professionals who serve individuals in a seven county region.

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